acaiAcai Berry and Weight Loss

If you are like most individuals, you might have first heard about Acai Berry when it made the “Top Ten List of Super Foods” published by a respected health author Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Acai is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil. The main reason Acai berries are so wonderful is because they are full of antioxidants that offer quite a few health advantages and provide you with energy! The truth is, they deliver 33 times more antioxidant power compared to both red grapes and red wine. Acai also provides a virtually perfect profile of amino acids, plus it contains essential vitamins and trace.

Acai Berry May Help Cleanse Away Harmful Toxins, Impurities and Help Burn Away Unwanted Fat.

acaidoctorThe Acai Berry is an excellent, natural approach to assist in weight loss. Along with proper diet and exercise, the Acai Berry could help you lose weight as well as give you additional health benefits. Weight loss is only one reason the Acai berry is being called “the number one super food.” As you cleanse and detoxify, gathered waste is removed from your colon, contributing to weight reduction.

Hunger Controller

By weight, the Acai Berry posesses a large percentage of fiber-approximately 40% of the pulp and skin by weight. And, it’s distinctive amid many fruits due to the large amounts of healthy fat it contains, that are the valuable Omega 6 & 9 fats. The high fiber and Omega fats work as an all natural hunger controller, preventing treats between daily meals along with other bothersome cravings.

Excess Fat Fighter

The high fiber content in Acai helps support blood glucose levels. Various other fruits are loaded with fructose and simple carbs which in turn produce a rapid rise in blood glucose levels and can cause blood sugar to be converted into unwanted fat. The high fiber content of Acai Berry will help defend against blood sugar from being stored as fat.

Metabolism Enhancement

The Acai Berry also has a good dose of amino acids, that are the building blocks of protein. Regular usage of Acai Berry will help you get the most out of physical exercise as it helps with the process of recovery and in supporting muscles. The more muscles you’ve got, the greater your fat burning capacity is and the more calories the body will burn while resting.


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